Pre-terminated Data Center Infrastructure Solutions


“RAM telecom” Group now offers solutions for organizing 12-fiber parallel or duplex transmission paths with speeds up to 400 GB/s. The solutions are based on the MTP PRO connector. This ensures the highest forward and return loss performance, including meeting the loss budget requirements for the 100GBASE protocol. Solutions are available at the link.

The main area of application is the IT-infrastructure of the data center, which requires the highest data transmission rates. The MTP PRO connectors of the Elite class for OM3 and OM4 fibers and the Standard class for single-mode fibers are used in the manufacture. The loss budget is no more than 0.35 dB per connection, which is fully within the requirements of Ethernet for transmission paths in the data center.

The ideology of parallel transmission over 12 fibers was adopted as a basis. For MTP-MTP assemblies, the polarity type "B" is selected. That is, when a transmission line is built, a "transmitter-receiver" connection is automatically established. There is no need to build pre-terminated cassettes for different types of assembly polarities. If necessary, the polarity can be changed. The presence of MTP-Duplex LC and Duplex LC-Duplex LC assemblies provides the ability to use LC ports both as hardware and trunk ports.

After manufacturing, all products are 100% tested in the factory laboratory for compliance with the requirements of standards and protocols for the transfer of traffic for insertion and return loss.

DKC structured cabling system is the physical basis of the IT-infrastructure, a system solution based on copper and optical components, cable channels, trays, IT-cabinets. DKC SCS allows building an IT-infrastructure of a modern enterprise that fully meets industry standards.