About company

The DKC international company, established in August 1998, has gained a strong leading position on the global electrotechnical market. Rapidly developing its production and introducing new high performance technology, DKC today is among the largest producers of cable management systems and low-voltage equipment in Russia and in Europe.  

At the moment manufacturing and warehousing complexes of the company are located in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Hungary and Romania. Regional representative offices of the company operate in Russia, CIS countries and abroad. The products are being delivered to Latin America, West and Central Africa. The aim of DKC is to provide the latest industry solutions and high-quality products to the global electrotechnical market. Over the past few years the DKC company has made great progress and is constantly striving for new achievements. 

At the moment the company product range involves more than 26 000 components and accessories, combined into several basic groups: cable ducts, metal and plastic tubes, metal and plastic trays, low-voltage equipment, air-conditioning systems, busbars, lightning protection and grounding. Due to active research works and development of new materials and products 

DKC has managed to collect an impressive list of its own patents, that would enable the DKC company to acquire the status of an innovative producer. 

Every year the company expands the product range with a view to completely meet customer’s needs. Having at disposal its own design and development centre, DKC creates specialized products for specific needs of the market with the application of the latest technology in the process of their production.

The group of DKC companies involves three business units: "DKC Russia", "DKC Ukraine" and "DKC Europe". The sales and marketing department of DKC is based in the Moscow office, regional representatives of the company are located in the major cities of Russia. DKC actively explores international markets and therefore consistently expands the network of its offices all over the world as well as establishes programmes of continuous development of new territories and concludes new contracts with distributors. 

Sales strategy
Since its establishment the DKC company has been focused not on direct sales but on sales through independent distributors, which has led to a mutually beneficial relationship with partners, continuous presence of products on the market and timely management of the price level. 

The DKC company is interested in development of its distribution chain. DKC cooperates today with a wide network of partners, works very closely with potential customers and pursues a reasonable pricing policy, which allows to reach high level of profit ability and exclude dumping. 

At the moment the company is working with 80 distributors in Russia that have more than 500 sales offices all over the country. The distribution network of the company allows to completely and qualitatively meet customers’ demand throughout Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. 

For its distributors DKC provides free delivery of products to any regional warehouse of a commercial organization.

There are a lot of technical and sales trainings for distributors and their clients organized by DKC. Also marketing activities and promo campaign are held very often.

The DKC company products are considered to be the guarantor of quality for all the industry.

Up-to-date equipment, highly skilled specialists and excellent raw material have allowed DKC since its first days to present on the market high-quality products, complying with the latest requirements of world standards.  

Obligatory certification of the quality management system (SMQ), successfully held on a regular basis since the year 2005, with a view to check the conformity with ISO 9001 international 

standard, reflects commitment to the high standards and continuous improvement of management and production processes.

Social targeting
Over 1700 people work in the central office and regional representative offices of the company in Russia today. DKC is firmly convinced that a key aspect of a successful and dynamic development of the company is its active involvement in the life of the employees and electrotechnical industry at large. Taking these principles into consideration the company opens new projects for higher education institutions, supports talented young specialists, takes an active part in improvement of the mounting education, arranges annual trainings courses for students offering further employment and carries out seminars and technical consultations for its distributors and their clients on a regular basis. 

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