DKC group: 21 years on the market
DKC group of companies keeps pace with the times, and every year it invests in new technologies, expands its range of products and builds new production and warehouse complexes. DKС group of companies is an international leader in the manufacture of electrical equipment: more than 25 factories in 7 countries. We listen to our customers and offer them solutions.
Six reasons to choose wiring accessories "Avanti"
Distinctive features of the universal modular series "Avanti" which are worth paying attention first of all.
Opening of the DKC hot dip galvanizing workshop
The most important event of 2019 for DKC was the opening of a hot dip galvanizing workshop. This idea appeared in 2007. DKC became one of the few domestic enterprises that have their own production facilities for independent hot-dip galvanizing of products.
Grounding wire trays DKC. Instructional video
From this video tutorial, you will learn how to ground the metal wire trays of DKC by all standards. Video will be useful for both professional installers and novice professionals.
DKC solutions for data centers

The video shows the main stages of the construction of the engineering infrastructure of a typical data center. With the help of DKC solutions, it is possible to completely close the need to connect the building to power supply, as well as to organize structured cable networks.
Cosmec industrial system for cable protection: an overview of unique features
One of the most well-known specialized DKC company systems for cable protection can be used in various areas where it is necessary to ensure the highest reliability of electrical wiring.
Installation instructions for the Keystone RJ45 CAT 5e module. Special tool is not useful to you!

Regardless of experience, any of you, having watched this video, will be able to independently mount a module DKC company such as Keystone RJ45 and install, for example, in an Avanti adapter or in a patch panel. In addition, a special tool for terminating the cable is not required!
Tests for carrying capacity of cable trays DKC company

At the disposal of the Laboratory of Metrology and Quality Control of DKC company a new test bench has appeared. It allows testing cable trays of all types with a width up to 1000 mm and a length of 6 meters with several spans and an end section.
Installation of electrical wiring in the office. DKC company solution
In order to demonstrate the use of DKC company products, this video was created, which shows the main stages of electrical work performed using our systems.
Installation of the modular data-centre in Technopark DKC
Modular data center GreenMDC, equipped with the most modern components of the engineering infrastructure of the production of DKC, was produced, installed and put into operation in 2018.
Double-wall pipe for open spacer " Octopus"
Double-walled pipes for open laying "Octopus" are designed to protect power cables, as well as information and signal communication lines (including fiber-optic) from mechanical damage and aggressive environmental impact.

They are used for open laying: bridges, overpasses, overpasses, in places of exits from the ground and entering into buildings.
Participants of the contest "Leaders of Russia" visited DKS Technopark

The finalists and semifinalists of the All-Russian contest "Leaders of Russia - 2017" visited the DKS plant in Tver.
Overview of the new basement DKC
Grounding of metal cable trays DKC

From this video instructions you will learn how, according to all standards to ground the metal ducts DKC. The video will be useful for both professional installers and beginners.

Interview with Dmitry Abramov on PRO TV BUSINESS

On the TV channel PRO BUSINESS a new release of the author's program "Logistics 4.0" was published. The hero of the program: Dmitry Abramov, director of the department of partner sales of the DKC.

Assembling the cable box "In-liner Classic"
Video-instruction on the organization of a workplace on the basis of a cable box "In-liner Classic"
General Assembly Gim-Unimpresa
DKC plastic pipe for electrical wiring
Description of manufacturing process and technical characteristics of smooth and corrugated plastic pipes for electric wiring production of DKC.
Cable channels DKC
Description of manufacturing process and the performance of systems, plastic cable channels, "In-Liner Aero" and "In-Liner Front", production of DKC.
Double wall pipe DKC
Description of manufacturing process and specifications flexible double wall corrugated pipe production DKC. Pipe designed for wiring in the ground, pour in concrete, or otherwise.
Metal cable trays DKC
Description of manufacturing process and technical characteristics of DKC metal trays of the "S5 Combitech".
DKC switchboard equipment
The film demonstrated the advantages of electrical equipment DKC and shows the process of Assembly of a metal collapsible wardrobe series RAM block.
The program "Master Class" "Expert-TV" on the DKC
"If I put some goal, this goal I am going to go regardless of any problems," the master class from Dmitry Kolpashnikova, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DKC. The program includes enterprise management and selection of development options on a bright example of the rapidly growing Russian electrotechnical DKC.
"We need to learn to live in a new reality", - V. B. Rybachuk, General Director of DKC
"Expert-TV" program "Seven" with Peter Marchenko from 13.12.2008. On the topic of "the middle class and average business in conditions of crisis" with Peter Marchenko talk to the General Director "BCS" Vadim Rybachuk, and businessman Sergei Sevastyanov.
The opening of the new factory DKC
A fragment of "News-Tver" dated 17.02.2009. Report from the opening ceremony of a new factory for the production of DKC metal trays.
DKC products is known worldwide
Report on the plant DKC in Tver, under the heading "Innograd" "Business news" on channel NTV, which tells about the modern technologies that exist in Russian enterprises.
Fastest growing medium business in Russia
Interview of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of DKC Dmitry Kolpashnikova TV channel "Expert-TV". The II all-Russian Congress of "gazelles" - the most dynamic small and medium – sized business "End of the familiar world. The future depends on fastest growing companies".
Emigration in Russian part 1
On the TV channel "Expert-TV" left the program "Journalism club", where in an expert from the business community was attended by the marketing Director of DKC Dmitry Abramov.
Emigration in Russian part 2
Emigration in Russian part 3
The film is about DKC
The film tells the story of DKC - Russian manufacturer of cable support systems and switchboard equipment.
DKC video on the World Ice Hockey Championship of 2014 in Belarus
Universal supporting structure DKC
System of metal sheet trays "S5 Combitech"
Lightning protection and grounding system "Jupiter
Electrics in the flat
About DKC
New robotic warehouse DKC
Disruptive technology
"Vesti" about DKC