Training center

The general task of the DKC Training Center is to teach the distributors’ staff how to work with products of our company, the specifics of their installation as well as effective sales techniques.  Moreover the great attention in the training center is paid to teaching specialists who work in design and installation companies.

Target of the DKC Training Center

Improving the culture of the installation of electrotechnical goods in Russia by application of innovative DKC products.

The main directions of DKC Training Center’s work are the following:

1. Organization and holding seminars for the staff of distribution, designand installation companies.The training seminars are organized according to the plan in different cities of Russia and CIS countries, thematic seminars are held in the Moscow office and training exercises - in training center inTver, in the factory.

2. Preparation and publication of special training materials on cable systems.

Cable Systems Handbook
A handbook on DKC products is a training manual for all the specialists studyingour products. This handbook will help to take a good handle in the wide range of DKC products.

DKC pdfThe new edition of the handbook includes:
- Detailed descriptions of products;
- Branches and areas of application;
- Technical and commercial advantages;
- Objection handling;
- Answers to questions.
Download the manual in PDF