"Hercules plugin", allows you to design the Hercules busbar trunking in a BIM environment based on the Revit program.

Using this plugin, the designer will not need to apply for additional reference material, since the program itself will select the elements of the route. In addition, the Hercules plugin can significantly speed up a number of processes that previously occupied most of the time. For example, the design of the node connecting the busbar to the transformer is now carried out by pressing a single button.

It should be noted other, equally important advantages of the plugin, such as: automatic arrangement of elements along the designed route; the optimal arrangement of direct elements, minimizing the number of non-standard sections; arrangement of fire-resistant penetrations in one click in compliance with the requirements for their position relative to the connection sections of the busbar trunking; the ability to change the neutral position along the entire track with the click of a button; automatic generation of specifications. The plugin will be of interest to designers who implement projects in the Autodesk Revit program.

After installing this tool on a user's PC, you only need to open the project template in the Revit environment, into which all the Hercules family of Powertech busbar trunk families are already loaded.

Any feedback is important to us to make the Hercules plugin even better. You can leave your comments in a letter to the address: info@dkc.ru.