2P 25A CU - Straight element 1 meter - 1 plug-in

Code: LTC25ASP44AA000
Colour Grey
Width, mm 24.75
Model Single
Height, mm 83.5
Flexible No
Number of conductors (without earthing) 2
Number of poles 2
Length, mm 1000
Degree of protection (IP) IP55
Rated voltage at 50 Hz, V 400
Number of tap-off units 1
Rated current at AC 50 Hz, A 25
Length busbar trunk, m 1000
Threaded rod М6х2000
Code: CM200602
Code: CM610010
Plain washer М6 DIN9021
Code: CM120600
Open hook
Code: LTN70ZFIU6AA000
Plain washer М6 DIN9021 inox
Code: CM120600INOX
Threaded rod М6х2000 inox
Code: CM200602INOX
Cable fastening single
Code: LTN70PFIU7AA000
Wire bracket single
Code: LTN70PFIU2AA000
2P/4P 25A CU - Flexible joint