Alluminium alloy painted juncion box, IP66, 90x90x53 mm

Code: 65300
Alluminium alloy painted juncion box, IP66, 90x90x53 mm
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Mounting method Universal
Colour Grey
Width, mm 90
Depth, mm 53
Length, mm 90
Sealable Yes
Material Aluminium
EF002397 -25…70
Cover attachment Screwed
Weatherproof Yes
Degree of protection (IP) IP66
Shape Square
EF007726 EV009954
Equipped with None
Color gray
Product type Junction boxes
Material PVC
Height, mm 100
Width, mm 100
Temperature of mounting, °C -25 ... +90 °С
Width (nominal), mm 90
Ingress Protection rating, IP IP66/IP67
Temperature of operation, °C from -25 to +90 °С
Height (nominal), mm 90
Depth (nominal), mm 53
Depth, mm 59
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