Code: DIS2466393
Width, mm 110
Height, mm 110
Depth, mm 133
Lockable No
With hinged lid No
With socket outlet No
Number of phases 1
With child-protection No
Frequency, Hz 50
Cable entry Gland nut
Extension possible No
With transparent cover No
Switch-off function No
Fault current protection No
Number of poles 3
Contact less detection of the sense of rotation No
Material Plastic
IEC-amperage, A 63
For heavy conditions (in accordance with VDE) No
Phase inverter No
Empty locations on mounting rail No
Number of height units 1
With earth leakage switch No
Degree of protection (IP) IP67
Total number of groups 1
Clock hour position, h 6
Identification colour Blue
Voltage acc. EN 60309-2 230 V (50+60 Hz) blue
Drill hole distance vertical, mm 85
Drill hole distance horizontal, mm 80
Width of device, mm 110
Height of device, mm 110
Depth of device, mm 133
Angle of plug Right-angled
Connection system Screwed terminal
Enclosure 70x87
Code: DIS5700016
FRAME  1130x1000
Code: DIS661002
FRAME  1750x1000
Code: DIS661003
FRAME  2160x1000
Code: DIS661004
Enclosure 70x87. Angled.
Code: DIS5700116
Flush mounting box 136x125
Code: DIS5720200
No name
Code: DIS5720205
Cover for box M95.
Code: DIS137151
Blind flange 136x125
Code: DIS6540120