Strap for cable trunking (for trays) 110x50 mm, white

Material ABC-plastic
Temperature of mounting, °C ­5°С ... +60°С
Width (nominal), mm 110
Ingress Protection rating, IP IP40
Temperature of operation, °C ­5°С ... +60°С
Temperature of operation, °C +60°C
Climate version UHL4
Height (nominal), mm 50
Fire protection It is not subject to obligatory confirmation of compliance of the requirements of the Federal law №123-ФЗ 22.06.2012
Colour Clear white
Model Duct joint cover
Halogen free Yes
Surface protection Other
Depth of wall duct, mm 50
Material quality Other
Material Plastic
Type of fastening Self-adhesive
Cover width, mm 110
Suitable for wall duct width, mm 110
Shape Universal