Ring terminal, PA, EasyEnter, 10 sq. d.8,4

Code: 2D8P-EE-PA
Ring terminal, PA, EasyEnter, 10 sq. d.8,4
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Insulated Yes
Flange shape Ring shape
Bolt dimension (metric) 8
Nominal cross section, mm² 10
According to DIN Yes
Material Copper
Surface protection Tinned
Insulation PA
Max. current (Imax), A 62
For pull protected connections No
Reel/roll packaging No
AWG-range 8
Suitable for fine strand conductors Yes
Suitable for flat conductors No
Suitable for high temperatures (to 650 °C) No
Suitable for insulated varnish Yes
Suitable for solid cores Yes
Useful for stranded conductors Yes
Suitable for round conductors Yes
Sleeve type single
Seria Name Eplan
Cable terminals -"Quadro"
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