Colour Black
Model Internal toothing
Halogen free Yes
Length belt/tape/tie, mm 265
Text strip None
Surface protection Plastic-coated
Material quality Polyamide (PA)
Operating temperature, °C -45...85
Material Plastic
Type of fastening Other
Tie thickness, mm 9
Solvable fastener No
Band closure Plastic lip/-cam
Max. bundle diameter, mm 60
MIL approval No
Minimum holding force, N 500
UL approval No
UV-stable acc. ASTM D6779 No
VG approval No
Band width, mm 9
Mounting temperature, °C -30…60
Color Black
Raw material PVC
Width, mm 9
Length, mm 265
Diameter of surrounding (max), mm 60
Diameter of surrounding (min), mm 30
Seria Name Eplan
Quadro - cable ties