Tube PA6V0 flexible corrugatted with pull, DN17mm, V2, Din16,8 mm, Dex 21,2 mm, black color

Code: PA611721F2
Color gray
Material PVC
Length, mm 50000
Temperature of mounting, °C -40°С ... +105°С
Ingress Protection rating, IP IP68
Temperature of operation, °C from -40°С to +105°С
Shock resistance, J >4
Cord for wires Yes
Fire protection V-2 ( по UL-94)
Diameter (nominal), mm 17
Colour Black
Outer diameter, mm 21.2
Oil resistant Yes
UV resistant Yes
Inner diameter, mm 16.8
Compressive strength, N 250
Operating temperature, °C - 40...105
Fire resistance in accordance with UL94 V2
Bending radius, static, mm 35
Flame accelerating No
Material Polyamide 6
Tensile strength, N 600
Nominal diameter, mm 17
Nominal size in inch 5/8 inch
Degree of protection (IP) IP65/IP67
Bending strength Flexible
Lengthwise slotted No
Closable (two-part) No
-- Yes
Sheathing material Not sheathed