Color gray
Material of case Polyamide
Height, mm 48
Width, mm 66
Thickness, mm 5,2
Temperature of mounting, °C -40...+80
Summarized profile area (max), 4
Temperature of usage, °C -40 - +80
Voltage of disruption, V 6000
Mounting method DIN rail (top hat rail) 35 mm
Colour Grey
Nominal rated voltage, V 400
Length, mm 66
Operation temperature, °C -40…80
Width/grid dimension, mm 5.2
Closing plate required Yes
Type of fuse holder Screwable
Number of levels 1
Voltage type for defect indication AC/DC
Direction of coding Horizontal and vertical
Connectable conductor cross section solid-core, mm2 0.2…4
Connectable conductor cross section fine-strand with cable end sleeve, mm2 0.5…1.5
Connectable conductor cross section fine-strand without cable end sleeve, mm2 0.2…2.5
Connectable conductor cross section multi-wired, mm2 0.2…1.5
Rated current In, A 16
Inflammability class of insulation material acc. with UL94 V0
Type of electrical connection 1 Plug-in connection
Type of electrical connection 2 Plug-in connection
Material insulation body Other
Connection position Above
Height at lowest possible mounting height, mm 48
Seria Name Eplan
Quadro - DIN- rail mounting terminal blocks