Enclosures and accessories

System solutions

Seria Name Eplan STEP
Quadro - DIN- rail mounting terminal blocks The System "Quadro" Link
The system "Quadro" - teminal Link
DBC.2, a passing clip beige 2 2.5 sq. mm Link
DBC.2GR, pass clip grey 2 of 2.5 sq. mm Link
DBC/PT end insulator beige for DBC.2 Link
DBC/PTGR end insulator grey for DBC.2 Link
DBC.2(Ex)i, blue bulkhead clip 2 of 2.5 sq. mm Link
DBC/PT(Ex)i end insulator blue for DBC.2 Link
DAS.4, 2-level checkpoint clamp beige 2.5 sq mm Link
DAS.4GR, 2-level checkpoint clamp grey 4 sq. mm Link