Aluminum terminal post 140x140x90мм 1Ex d e IIC T5 Gb X IP66 Ex tb IIIBT95C Db X Temperature Classes Т5 40°C Quantity of control elements:Contact block 1NC/1NO + Button P1 Green 1 pcs. Quantity of clampterminal blocks: Cable glands Side B: ANR explosion-

Code: 2201.151.19.002
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Operating temperature, °C -60…40
Explosion-tested version Yes
Degree of protection (IP) IP66
For Ex-zone gas 0, 1, 2
For Ex-Zone dust 20, 21, 22
Impact strength IK07
Material Aluminium alloy
Geometric dimensions, mm 140x140x90
Ex d e, tb
Electrical equipment group IIC hydrogen