Connector 1" 1/4 ( ext.thread)/ M32x1,5 (int.thread), GAS-MET

Code: 6019-11432
Connector 1" 1/4 ( ext.thread)/ M32x1,5 (int.thread), GAS-MET
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Nickel-plated Yes
Material Brass
Thread size inner thread metric 32
Thread size outer thread metric 31.75
Thread size inner thread (inch) 1.1/4 inch
Thread type inner thread Metric
Thread type outer thread Gas-thread
Thread size outer thread (inch) 1.1/4 inch
Product type GAS-MET adapter pipe - metric thread
Material PVC
ТУ 2248-012-47022248-2009 Technical specifications 4833-041-47022248-2016
3 года 3 years
15 лет 3 years
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