"Cable Support Systems" Catalog is Now in English!


DKC is an international company having its partners and clients all over the world. Therefore, we have started  translating the most popular information publications of the company into English. The first translated edition was the 35th issue of the "Cable support systems" catalog, which contains exhaustive information about cable support systems, modular boxes, wiring devices, industrial plugs, lightning protection and grounding. The catalog contains descriptions of product groups and particular products, product specifications, their scope of application, reference information about all the systems presented (including information about the load and available certificates).

Our partners in Russia have been actively using "Cable support systems" reference publication for a long time, and now it has become available for English-speaking employees, partners and clients of DKC.

"Cable support systems" catalog in English will expand the range of our clients in other countries, as well as make a huge information layer available to the English-speaking audience. We hope that this will help our foreign clients and partners easily find the necessary information about DKC products and their special aspects of use!

You can download the "Cable support systems" catalog in English by the link.