New Style and Vision of DKC


DKC Company announces the introduction of a new corporate identity and the logo refreshing to bring to the visual design the modernity, innovation and dynamism, laid down in the strategic goals of the company.

Logo and corporate identity refreshing is one of the tasks that we solve as part of the implementation of the DKC brand positioning adjustment.

Today it is important to move forward more than ever. DKC mission focuses on the idea of active and efficient leadership. Leadership that is based on knowledge, experience and responsibility. The company has everything necessary for development and success: strength, energy, and opportunities – and it knows how to manage them, developing itself and inspiring other representatives of the electrical industry.

In addition to the already familiar red and white corporate colors, graphite, cold silver and bright orange were added in the new version. These color shades symbolize the core values of DKC – unrestrained energy, innovations and discoveries, confidence and strength. The meaning of these colors also echoes the goals of the DKC Company. As fire hardens metal and changes its properties, so DKC Company, which carries the idea of creating innovative products and new technical solutions, makes the world around it better.

DKC hopes that the new corporate identity will better convey the company's ideals and goals, helping customers and partners learn and understand them.

The letters plastics was changed in the new logo. The font was increased in height. The chamfers were reduced in the letter "C" and added to the letter "K". Now the font block looks more harmonious and proportional in the ratio of height and width. The visual element was remained unchanged. You can't use it without the text block.

The introduction of the DKC new logo and corporate identity will be carried out step-by-step at all points of the consumer contact with the brand – communication materials, corporate website, internal document flow, and others. We ask all specialists and partners involved in the preparation and development of communication materials with the DKC logo to download new materials and replace existing ones.