TOP-6 Best-selling DKC Products


Most recently, DKC company has summed up the results of the outgoing 2019. Among other things, it was determined which DKC products are the most often purchased. The company has not shared such statistics before, but it seems to us that this is a curious fact that may be interesting to you.

Here they are, our leaders - the TOP 6 best-selling DKC products. Can you guess what it is? Check yourself!

1st place

Three-meter perforated trays, "S5 Combitech" series.

2nd place

Flexible PVC pipe, corrugated, light, with broaching, gray color, diameter 20 mm, "Octopus" series.

3rd place

Double-wall HDPE pipe, flexible, for cable conduit, with broaching, red color, diameter 110 mm, "Octopus" series.

4th place

Three-meter wire-mesh trays, "F5 Combitech" series.

5th place

Hot-dip galvanized strip, 40x4 mm and universal holder with concrete, "Jupiter" series

6th place

Universal two-meter racks, 4 pieces in a set, for automation cabinets. "RAM block" series.

The main qualities of these products that contribute to the popularity of sales are:

  • Wide range of sizes;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Reliability and convenient operation of electric networks;
  • Convenient delivery terms (own warehouse program and production in Russia);
  • Best price/quality ratio.
  • Thank you for choosing DKC products. We work for you!