DKC Presents a New Solution - the NetOne Mini-Data Processing Center


We would like to introduce our long-awaited novelty: multifunctional NetOne mini-data processing center that is an engineering IT framework for hosting server and switching equipment.

NetOne is a comprehensive, balanced and complete product that solves the typical tasks of IT administrators of a local enterprise, such as: organizing the server room, cooling, fire extinguishing, monitoring, creating conditions for the operation of local IT systems.

The DKC mini-data center implies a 5-in-1 package IT solution with various configuration options. At the core of each of them there is a 19-inch rack, in which the RAM klima air conditioning system , RAM batt uninterruptible power supply unit , NetOne monitoring and control system are installed. NetOne can be equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system as an option.

Key features of the NetOne mini-data processing center:

  • Air conditioning (doubling of the conditioning power up to 8 kW is possible);
  • Uninterruptible power supply up to 12 kVA;
  • IP 54 dust and moisture protection;
  • Automatic fire extinguishing (option). It is a comprehensive automatic fire extinguishing device based on the NovecTM 1230 gas substance ;
  • Monitoring and control system;
  • Remote administration;
  • Flexibility in choosing the installation site;
  • Swing rear doors;
  • Vertical cable run.

For advice and comments on the NetOne range, please, can contact the DKC representative in your region.