New Opportunities of DKC Group


In November 2019, DKC Group acquired a controlling stake of shares in the Italian company RGM S.p.A., a manufacturer of electrical equipment and power conversion systems

"This is an excellent opportunity for international expansion, which will ensure further growth and implementation of projects launched today with international customers. In addition, the expansion of the Board of Directors enriches the company with international practice, which is essential for commercial and industrial development,” commented Giuseppe Guerra, the President and founder of RGM S.p.A.

DKC has great expectations for the merger. The merger will increase the company capital by 7 million Euros and expand the development potential for both companies - this will open up new markets and opportunities for them, and will allow to offer new products designed in accordance with the demanding requirements of the professional market.

General Director of AO DKC Dmitry Kolpashnikov considers the decision to merge very promising: "The demand for power storage and conversion systems and, in general, for power management is growing, this is a key issue for the future. The merger meets our aspirations to develop in the power management segment. In a world where sustainability and responsible approach to resource consumption is becoming an important trend, this segment is increasingly significant."

After the merger, DKC will get additional technical capabilities that will expand the range of power storage units, UPS and products for data centers.

Acquisition of a controlling stake of shares in RGM S.p.A. is one more evidence of the DKC growth potential. An emerging market requires manufacturers capable of timely developing of innovative and effective solutions for their partners. And today we can confidently say that DKC is one of such companies.

About DKC Group

DKC company has been operating since 1998. It is one of the largest Russian and European manufacturers of low-voltage equipment and cable support systems. To date, the company produces more than 30,000 items of products. The company's products are delivered throughout Russia, as well as to the countries of Central Africa and Latin America through a developed distribution network. DKC warehousing facilities are located in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Romania and Hungary.

Since 2012, one of the priority areas of the company is the manufacturing of products for the IT sphere. The company manufactures products for power distribution and control systems: busbars, solutions for low-voltage complete devices, uninterruptible power supplies, as well as components of structured cabling systems and offers modern integrated solutions for both small projects and large industrial complexes and data centers.


About RGM S.p.A.

The Italian company RGM was founded in 1986. It is specialized in creating customized power conversion systems and developing custom solutions for various power systems. RGM products are used in the field of transport infrastructure, industry, medicine, hybrid energy - these are power conversion and storage systems, power supplies, chargers, electric drives, power flow controlling devices. Now the company employs 160 people (the total number of employees at Lerma (AL) factories and in the head office), its annual turnover is 25 million Euros.