Renewal of UPS Range


New models of "RAM batt" uninterruptible power supplies are already on sale

DKC uninterruptible power supplies are a functional solution that is used to protect equipment from power cuts. In 2019, the new RAM batt models of the Info and Small series were presented (power from 1 kVA to 3 kVA). New items are already available for order.

The new models include line-interactive UPS for placement in a 19-inch rack (Info Rackmount Pro series), UPS with online technology designed for floor placement (Small Tower series) as well as for placement in a rack (Small Rackmount series)

The Info Rackmount Pro Series UPS is compact in size and can even be installed in DKC wall enclosures. The advanced design allows the UPS to output a clear sinusoidal signal. The models of this series have wide communication possibilities - if necessary, the user can connect a computer to any UPS through a USB communication socket and also use one of the optional adapters (SNMP or dry contact card).

Small Tower and Small Rackmount uninterruptible power supplies are distinguished by an increased power factor (0.9 versus 0.8 - the coefficient of the Small Basic series). They can be used with an external MBSSMLR bypass switch, which makes it possible to completely isolate the UPS during maintenance service. The UPS design allows the hot swapping of the battery. UPS of Small Rackmount Series can be easily installed in a 19-inch cabinet thanks to the new RAILSMLR rails.

Together with the launch of the new line we withdraw from production Small Basic and Small Convert series of UPS. They will be available for order before the sale of residual stocks.