Download the New DKC Catalog


DKC has released a new version of the catalog of solutions for cable lines laying and protection

DKC catalog has been updated on cable support systems, wiring accessories, modular switchboards, industrial connectors, lightning protection and grounding. This is one of the most popular information editions of the company, which contains the most detailed and relevant information about cable systems, as well as related groups.

Completely new product groups have been added to the 35th edition:

"I5 Combitech" stainless steel sheet and ladder trays system, which can be used for cable laying in aggressive environments and in coastal areas;

"D5 Combitech" plastic fibre trays system, created specifically for constructing structured cable systems.

The novelties of "Octopus", "S5 Combitech", "L5 Combitech", "B5 Combitech", "U5 Combitech", "Jupiter" series are also added to the new edition. And "Vulcan" section has been supplemented by a catalog subsection devoted to fire-resistant cable lines.

Updated information on the peculiarities of product characteristics and updated information on loads and tests has been added to the 35th edition of the catalog.

The new catalog is already available for download in the "Media", "Printing" section. For your convenience, all major product groups are divided into separate files, which can also be downloaded as a ZIP archive.