DKC releases a new product group


A new product group has appeared in the electrical wiring and labeling system named "Quadro" – led indicators. Products are designed to capture the state of electric circuits. They are used in electrical panels, the industrial equipment and at power supply facilities. Based on the products of this group, solutions for "RAM mcc" motor control systems can be created.

A new group of products is distinguished by the following features:

• Wide range of colors and designs of indicators;

• Indicators are compact and easy to install;

• Bright led illumination element, low power consumption and durability.

Among the new products there are spherical LED indicators, LED indicators for position and grounding, multi-indicators and mini-indicators. The indicators have a different shape, diameter, type of reflectors and color.

To place orders, you can contact the Customer service Department (DKC Tver, DKC Novosibirsk), and to receive advice and clarification on the range, features of new products and ongoing promotions - to your regional representative.