DKC Partner Conference


Distributors and partners of the company discussed the main cooperation vectors and plans for the future

DKC partner conference, timed the formal opening of the hot dip galvanizing workshop, was held on the 19th September, 2019. The conference was attended by both distributors and companies that use DKC products to implement their own projects.

During the conference the DKC senior managers presented their own vision of the company and the industry development in the context of Russian economy.

Now the DKC is actively involved in the development of promising regions of the country - an agreement with the Far East Development Corporation has already been signed. According to this contract, by 2021 the company will have to organize in the Far East its own production with a warehouse complex for the needs of projects implemented in this region.

A new warehouse will be opened in Tver by 2022 - it will be an innovative robotic complex. It is already obvious that the digitalization will become a trend in the development of the company - the company plans to expand not only the range of products, but also the number of specialized programs developed for the comfort of partners and clients. In addition to software engineering, DKC is going to develop complex solutions in the area of “smart products”. The company's plans also include the integration of distributors, customers and the manufacturer itself into a single CRM system.