Opening of the hot dip galvanizing workshop


The most important event of 2019 for DKC was the opening of a hot dip galvanizing workshop. This idea appeared in 2007. DKC became one of the few domestic enterprises that have their own production facilities for independent hot-dip galvanizing of products.

The opening of its own workshop will allow DKC to:

• Guarantee high quality coating;

• Reduce the delivery time of metal products manufactured using HDZ;

• Keep affordable product prices.

Zinc coating is a traditional method of protecting steel against corrosion. Hot dip galvanizing allows to apply on the product a protective coating with a thickness of 45-85 microns that is more than with any other method of anticorrosion treatment. Products with such coating can be used in harsh weather conditions. These products are able to withstand the appearance of rust for 30-50 years.

Zinc heated up to 460 oC fills pores and microcracks in the material and has an unusual property to independently spread at temperatures up to + 70 oC to unprotected areas of the product or areas with damaged protective coating at a speed of up to 2 mm per year. This technology compares favorably with other methods of galvanizing not only with high protection efficiency, but also with environmental friendliness.