The expansion of the product range of the ST series


The company announced the expansion of the range of the "RAM block" group: the shells of the wall enclosures of automation got the plinths for floor mounting, and a circuit board and a solid cable flanges can now be purchased with an individual code. However, the ST enclosures may be ordered without a circuit board.

Appearing of new items will make selection of accessories easier, and will also facilitate the production of customized products. So, while ordering a single circuit board, you can start to assemble the active equipment along with completion of the enclosure at the DKC factory – this reduces the delivery time of the finished enclosures.

Enclosures without circuit board will allow you to save money on solutions which use frames for modular equipment or internal doors, where installation is made, because in this case you do not overpay for unnecessary circuit board.

Appearing of a new base for floor mounting will allow you to install a welded enclosure where installation is not possible or inconvenient by hanging.

To place orders, you can contact the Customer service Department (DKC Tver and DKC Novosibirsk), and to receive advice and clarification on technical specification of new products – to our Technical Support Department or regional representatives in your city.