New tools in the "Quadro" line


The range of DKC is supplemented with specialized tools

Among the new products – pliers for crimping contact and universal hand tool with interchangeable matrices.

1. Pliers for crimp contacts

Designed for compression connectors for signal circuits.

Distinctive features of the tool:

• Crimping mechanism symmetrically arranged with 8 punches ensures uniform and accurate compression;

• Swivel arm allows you to return quickly to the starting position;

• Visual scale with a step of 0.01 mm gives you the ability to fine-tune the speed of the tool;

• Anti-slip material of the handle;

• Improved ergonomics due to the presence of transmission torque and ratchet mechanism.

2. Universal hand tool with interchangeable matrices

Used for crimping connectors, insulated terminals and sleeves. The matrix tool can be easily replaced, and the rotary handle ensures a quick return to the starting position. Note that the matrices are not included in the delivery.

IMPORTANT! The tool is exclusively designed to crimp the DKC connectors. When using third-party tools and accessories DKC cannot guarantee the quality of the contact.

To place orders, you can contact the Customer service Department (DKC Tver, DKC Novosibirsk), and to receive advice and clarification on the range and ongoing promotions - to your regional representative.