Novelty product – DKC industrial operator panels


The range of the DKC products for automation support at manufacturing site has been replenished with the high-tech innovation – industrial operator panels. These are multifunctional devices with a display for displaying information on production processes and for operation them through a screen. They support different imaging functions, are compatible with programmable logic controllers from various producers, use general production protocols. Operator panels find usage in a wide variety of industry.

Functionality of the novelty:

  • Integration and operation: they render possible integration different systems and devices into the single network providing centralized management of processes and equipment.
  • Data visualization: they display data on the state of processes in real-time mode, which renders possible for operators to react quickly to changes.
  • Ease of use: they have the intuitively understandable interface and operating elements convenient for use, which simplifies work of operators and cuts time for learning.
  • Reliability: they are intended for use in industrial production conditions and therefore they provide the high degree of protection against impact of such external factors as dust, moisture, vibrations etc.
  • Cost saving: operator panels usage renders possible cutting the cost for maintenance and repair of equipment by means of automation for monitoring and control processes.

The complete range of panels is presented on our website.