The new product group – checking relays


The range of the equipment for industry automation has been extended – now the company’s portfolio has been replenished with timing relays in the new group “Timing relay”.

Timing relays ensure automatical operation of switching the electrical devices on and off with allowance for tunable time parameters, which simplifies routine tasks and improves work efficiency. These devices are widely used in industry in control circuits of light, of air blasts and pumps, of power supply changeover etc.


1.     Energy saving

      Due to the capability to fine-tune time of devices operation timing relays optimize energy costs switching-off devices at the programmed time.

2.     Safety

      Timing relays improve safety of production facilities and welfares preventing accidents.

3.     Flexible customization

Timing relays have extensive options to customize operating conditions, which ensures their adaptation to various user requirements and various maintenance conditions

4.     Endurance: timing relays have a service life of 10 years and are designed for operation in living environment and industrial conditions alike.

The complete range of equipment for automation is available on the DKC website.