EOS Storage - energy storages for solar power plants


The range of DKC solutions for energy conversion and storage became even wider. Meet new energy storages “EOS Storage” that are made for autonomous solar inverters. They create independent power-supply systems with solar energy usage and diesel generator.

DKC lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4, LFP) storages with protection and monitoring integrated systems (BMS) are technological and beneficial replacement of lead-acid batteries in transport, motorcaravans power-supply systems, cottages and working facilities.   

For customer convenience, the most popular types of storages complete with the corresponding inverters are kept in stock at the DKC warehouse in Tver.


DKC LFP energy storages have a wide range of advantages:

  • Quiet operation and environmental friendliness of energy storage/return;
  • Exploitation period - over 15 years (5000 charge-discharge cycles);
  • Fire safety due to the chemical composition and protection of the built-in BMS;
  • Low maintaining cost during the life cycle (RUB/kWh)
  • Various form factors with different protection levels - for many uses;
  • Remote monitoring of status and charge.

The range of DKC storages includes both low-voltage (12, 25, 51 V) solutions for single-phase inverters and high-voltage drives (384, 358 V), which are used in powerful three-phase autonomous power supply systems.