The new generation of CQE N floor-standing enclosure solutions


The evolution of floor-mounted enclosure solutions for distribution, automation and IT systems! The main features of CQE N floor–standing enclosure solutions are operation comfort and easy installation.

You can find the series of the new generation CQE N cabinets in the catalog on the company's website or by downloading the brochure here!

The new generation of DKC enclosures has the following advantages:

  • Static load capacity of the enclosures – up to 1 ton;
  • The installation time of the mounting plates is reduced by 2 times due to the presence of pre-fixing of the upper brackets;
  • The mounting space is raised up to 20-30% due to an increase in the perforation from one to two levels;
  • Marking makes navigation by height and installation easier.

Want to know more? Watch the recording of the web conference about DKC’s new solutions! You will learn about the roots of the CQE N constructive algorithms development and you will see the changes that the platform has undergone and evaluate their advantages for each system of distribution, automation and IT.