Novelty! Solar Inverters for Power Supply Systems


We have expanded the range of solutions for energy conversion and storage. Grid and autonomous solar inverters with single- and three-phase load connection in the power ranges fr om 1 to 108 kW have been added. With our inverters, solar energy can be used to power electrical appliances even wh ere urban power supply networks are not laid.

The full range of solutions for energy conversion and storage is presented on our website. For your convenience, the most popular types of inverters are maintained in stock at the DKC warehouse in Tver.

DKC grid solar inverter has the following advantages:

  • Reduces electricity consumption fr om the mains
  • Allows increasing the power of the connected load
  • Able to give electricity to the grid
  • Reduces CO2 emissions into the environment.

Advantages of DKC autonomous solar inverter:

  • Provides emergency and backup power supply
  • Stabilizes the voltage of the supply network
  • Supports operation with a diesel generator and most battery types
  • Combines multiple power sources for reliable power supply
  • Has a system of flexible settings, monitoring and remote control.

Based on autonomous solar inverters, systems of isolated or combined power supply to consumers are created wh ere it is necessary: in a house, cottage, enterprise, etc. By passing through the inverter and accumulating solar energy generated by photovoltaic panels, as well as energy from additional power sources, it is possible to provide this energy to consumers as needed, ensuring their stable regular and emergency power supply.