Novelty - OCP Racks for High-Performance Data Center


New DKC racks are a solution for a highly efficient data center. The racks were created in accordance with the Open Compute Project (OCP) concept, and their production is located at the DKC plant in Tver. Learn more about this solution from the new video on the DKC channel!

When developing the design of OCP racks, DKC engineers were guided by the requirements for the operating conditions of server equipment in modern energy-efficient data centers. At the same time, the cooling systems operation of the equipment placed in the racks was taken into account. The result is an original design combining high manufacturing quality and characteristics that satisfy even the most demanding requirements of the data center operation service.

The racks are used as part of cold air insulation corridors. They are installed in rows using free-cooling systems, and are also suitable for self-installation. One rack can accommodate up to 48 servers with a height of one OCP unit. It is possible to power the servers with both direct and alternating current using a busbar. The design allows for hot swapping of both the power supplies of the installed equipment and the equipment itself.

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