DKC Galvanized Cable Routes - Strict Compliance with GOST


DKC company has prepared a video about the coating types applied to steel trays and how this affects the durability. We paid special attention to the steel galvanized by the Sendzimir method – the classic design of the DKC trays. What is this method? What conditions are products in this design suitable for? Find out in just a minute from the new video!

The safety of electrical networks largely depends on the reliability of cable routes. The reliability of the route depends on its corrosion resistance. And corrosion resistance, in turn, depends on the protective zinc coating, its thickness and the quality of application. Insufficient weight of the zinc layer can lead to routes rapid corrosion and collapse. Therefore, the trays for DKC cable routes in the "Sendzimir galvanized steel" version meet the strict requirements of GOST 52868-2021 - the weight of the zinc layer is at least 180 g/m2.

How long do metal trays in this design last? You can learn this from the video on the DKC Youtube channel!