Novelty – Aluminum Rod


DKC company has started selling a round conductor made of aluminum. The aluminum rod is designed to build a lightning receiving grid and current collectors of the Jupiter lightning protection system. The full range of products for lightning protection, grounding and potential equalization is available at the link.

The aluminum rod has the following advantages in comparison with hot-dip galvanized analogues:

  • Softness and flexibility
  • It is possible to bend the wire yourself with your hands without using a straightening device;

  • Light weight
  • Aluminum is 3 times lighter than steel, and the weight of the 80-meter coil is only 15 kg. This greatly simplifies the coil lifting on the roof of the building, as well as high-rise works;

  • The diameter of the rod is 9.5 mm

The diameter corresponding to the regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation allows the rod to be used both for mounting a lightning grid on the roof and for performing descents along the facade of buildings.

The rod is delivered in 80 meter-long coils.