Multirating Devices


Multirating devices are a new series of products in the DKC range. You can learn more about the products on the DKC website.

MMD and MPM devices are used to measure, display and transmit the main parameters of the electrical network in the form of signals. One device is used for monitoring and measuring various parameters of the electrical network. The devices transmit data via discrete, relay and pulse outputs, as well as the RS485 interface. Multirating devices are used in energy control systems, automation systems, power distribution of industrial enterprises of various branches.

Multirating devices are presented in the range of equipment for industrial automation.

The main advantages of the new MMD and MPM series are:

  • One device – multiple measurements:
  • Electricity quality analysis (2...51 harmonics;
  • Accuracy: U, I: 0.2; P, PF: 0.5; Q: 2; EP kWh: 0.5S.