Brand new modular YON max switches


"YON max" circuit breakers new line expands the offer and service in "YON" modular automatic switches system. "YON max" new range is a high quality and reliable solution for municipal and civil constructions. "YON max" advantages are the widest possible range, large stock, and quality assurance.

The system will comprise:

  • modular circuit breakers (МСВ) – from 4.5 to 10 kA;
  • differential protection devices (RCBO), including single-module ones;
  • load-breakers (MSD);
  • RCD (RCCB)

The products meet the TRCU requirements and come with a mandatory certificate of conformity. The case of the products has seven rivets, while a silver contact, a bi-material alloy plate, and an optimally matched number of plates in the arc chamber provide its protection. These factors warrant the product for five years! DKC will introduce the whole system into the range gradually during 2023. You can get acquainted with the current range, costs and stock balances by logging in on the website. The "YON max" system is available to order.