DIN rail terminals new series


We have introduced a new range of DIN rail terminals. The DKC range includes the most popular terminals - tubular screw terminal and Push-in screw terminal. The products are designed to connect conductors, as well as to protect, and switch electrical circuits for energy distribution and automation.

Tubular screw terminals are designed to connect conductors with a screw clamp - both single- and multi-core, both with and without a tip. Tubular screw terminals have the widest range of sections of the conductors to be connected.

Push-in terminals have a special type of spring and a button. A single-core and multi-core wires, compressed by a tip, can be mounted into a terminal without a tool simply by inserting it into the mounting hole. To connect a multi-core conductor without a tip, you need to press the button to release the spring. Either way, dismantling requires pressing a button. Such terminals provide high installation speed and increased ergonomics of the connection, as well as are resistant to vibration.

You can get acquainted with the full range of products in section "Terminals for "Nuputuk" DIN rail on the company's website.