DKC has won the DC Awards 2023


On June 15, St. Petersburg hosted "Data Centres: Models, Services, Infrastructure" conference to announce the winners of the DC Awards 2023. DKC Company was announced winner this year.

The development of IT direction has been the company's priority for several years. DKC has made big improvements and demonstrated impressive success in IT area. Nowadays the DKC product range can already provide 100% of IT distribution infrastructure and most of other engineering infrastructure. The company is firmly on track to deliver on target announced at the conference: DKC intends to hold the leading position in IT market among manufacturing companies by 2025.

DC Awards 2023 awarded proves that the market has appreciated the titanic efforts of DKC to provide the IT-industry with high quality of the domestic production components. The company continues to develop and increase the range of the solutions used to organize SCS, equip data processing centres and create engineering infrastructure for enterprises.