New hinged RAM block enclosures – STE series


We are extending the range of RAM block metal hinged enclosures and introducing a new series of STE enclosures, which will replace the CE enclosures that have been withdrawn from the range. The new series is designed for high loads and has a number of features:

  • The enclosure and the door are made of 1.5 mm thick metal, and the mounting plate is made on larger dimensions – 2.5 mm thick metal

The width and height dimensions of the mounting plate as well as the cut-outs for mounting holes and grounding are identical to those of the ST series enclosures.

  • STE enclosures up to and including 250 mm depth are welded from a single sheet of metal

This reduces the number of welds and increases reliability. Cabinets welded from a single sheet of metal have a higher resistance to constant vibration loads and are more suitable for horizontal mounting.

  • All STE enclosures have plane and flat rear walls

This makes it possible to mount the enclosures on specific customised fixtures, mount the housings close to the wall, and conveniently glue the thermal insulation inside the enclosure.

STE enclosures are fully compatible with ST enclosure components – brackets, plinth, cable flanges, internal rail, modular frame, handles and locking system, rain protection visor, opening angle limiter, limit switch holder and more. CE enclosures made of painted sheet steel will be available to order as long as and to the extent that stock is available. As stock is depleted, either close CE enclosure equivalents should be used from stock or the new STE enclosure series should be used as a replacement.

STE enclosures production is localised in Tver, which provides supply stability, support of the availability at DKC and distributors' warehouses, the most optimal production terms and cost, prompt response to feedbacks from customers and the market, possibility of enclosures and their elements customization.