Novelty - Modular Penetrations


We have developed modular penetrations. The main advantage of modular cable penetrations over the products already available in the range is the ability to easily and quickly replace cables in the penetration or add them. Penetration modules, if necessary, can be dismantled and then reused. This saves time and reduces the cost of installing cable lines. In addition, this technical solution allows you to efficiently organize the entry of cables and other communications into a building or structure with a high degree of protection IP66. The assortment of the system is available by the link.

Modular cable penetrations are designed to seal cable and pipe entries, prevent the spread of fire through walls and ceilings, and provide explosion protection. Penetrations can be used to enter single and group cable lines, as well as laying pipes through walls and ceilings of buildings and structures, metal partitions, building structures. A wide range of frames of various designs is available for modules mounting. All frames are manufactured using high-precision equipment and have high-quality coatings. DKC range includes round penetrations, which have a suitable shape for installation in round holes and metal sleeves for single penetrations mounting in walls and ceilings.

Vulcan fireproof solutions by DKC is a set of systems necessary to ensure comprehensive fire protection of cable lines. In addition to modular penetrations, such solutions include fire-resistant cable lines, fire-resistant penetrations, a fire-resistant duct, and fire-resistant partitions.