New UPS - connecting up to 8 devices


New items have been added to the range of uninterruptible power supplies. The UPS of INFO PDU series have a power of 600, 800 and 1000 VA and allow connecting up to 8 devices via Schuko connectors (Euro socket), while 4 connectors have battery support, and 4 additional ones provide operation as a surge protector for safe devices connection. The entire range of the UPS of INFO PDU series is available on our website.

New features:

  • Line-interactive technology;
  • LED-indication or LCD-display at option;
  • AVR for voltage stabilization;
  • Wide input voltage range;
  • Cold start function;
  • Automatic restart when the mains power is restored;
  • Output short circuit and overload protection..

Uninterruptible power supplies of Info PDUs are single-phase UPS with line-interactive conversion technology. They have power from 0.6 kVA to 2 kVA. Devices of this class are used to ensure the smooth operation of home devices, workstations.