The Second Stage of the DKС High-Bay Warehouse is being Prepared for Launch


The second stage of a self-supporting warehouse in the DKС Industrial Park in Tver was completed. The final launch of the automated system will take several more months. The warehouse of the second stage included additional 8,000 m2 of a high-bay warehouse for 34,000 euro pallets and 2,000 m2 of a sorting, selection and picking area. Unlike the warehouses of the first stage, the components for the construction of the second stage were developed and produced by our company. The new video shows the process of building a warehouse and its results.

The second stage of the warehouse was constructed due to increased needs. Our company needed more storage space, higher productivity. Therefore, the company's management decided to build an additional robotic warehouse. Now the new warehouse has already begun work - so far in a test mode.

In order to implement this project on our own, we analyzed the design features of imported high-rise racks and developed our own set of elements - high-precision and resistant to loads. Such elements can be used to assemble high-bay warehouses of almost any design up to 40 meters high with minimal deviations - this is a unique offer for the Russian market.

You can find more information about the features of DKC self-supporting high-bay warehouses in article dedicated to this solution. Our company offers services for the design, production, construction of self-supporting high-bay warehouses from completely Russian-made components. The design and construction of an automated warehouse complex up to 40 meters high takes only 24 months. We carry out a full range of works: design, electrical installation, installation of automation and ventilation systems, protection of the building from lightning strikes.