New explosion-proof cable glands


We have developed an updated line of Armex explosion-proof cable glands and are gradually starting the production. The new range has a more ergonomic shape and can be applied to the three groups of electrical equipment:  

I - operation in underground mines and their surface structures

II - operation in explosive gas environments

III - operation in explosive dust environments

Introducing the first three main lines:

  1. КН for non-armoured cable
  2. КА for armoured cable
  3. КАEPM for non-armoured and armoured cable in Cosmec metal hose

Product features:

  • The body and individual metal components of the cable gland are made of nickel-plated brass as a standard (other material - on request)
  • The sealing elements provide a dust and moisture protection rating of at least IP68. They are made of silicone that is resistant to temperature fluctuations from -60 to +200 oC and to chemicals.
  • A special treatment of the inner surface of the gland and the anti-friction ring protects the cable against damage when attached and laid
  • The double-sided sleeve of the armour clamping allows both tape armouring and wire armouring as well as a shield of the shielded cable to be clamped. The new technology allows the thickness of the gap between the cone and the sleeve to be varied. The solution serves to securely clamp the armour and ensure electrical contact between the cable and the cable gland

To place an order, please contact Customer Service Department (DKC Tver or DKC Novosibirsk), and for consultations and detailed explanations on technical characteristics of products - Technical Support Service by toll-free phone number 8 (800) 250-52-63 or regional representatives of DKC in your city. You can find contacts of our regional representatives in the Contacts section of our website.

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