Long awaited product - flexible copper insulated busbar


Our customers have been looking forward to this new product! We are introducing a new product line - flexible copper insulated busbars with monolithic PVC insulation. The use of the flexible copper insulated busbar is the optimal solution for connecting electrical and power parts of switchgears, busbars and transformers.

The new range is already available on our website.

In developing the new product, we paid a lot of attention to both functional and aesthetic characteristics. The DKC insulated busbar is extremely flexible due to the use of high-quality copper which undergoes additional heat treatment and elastic PVC insulation with increased durability. The insulation is applied by continuous extrusion on an automated line, which makes the coating seamless. And the copper bars are polished to absolute smoothness.

Do you want to learn more about the new product? Download the brochure.

To place an order, please contact Customer Service Department (DKC Tver or DKC Novosibirsk), and for consultations and detailed explanations on technical characteristics of products - Technical Support Service by toll-free phone number 8 (800) 250-52-63 or regional representatives of DKC in your city. You can find contacts of our regional representatives in the Contacts section of our website.