Aluminum Ladder Trays are 3 Times Lighter than Those Made of Steel!


The result of the cooperation between DKC and RUSAL was the emergence of a number of new products made from high-quality aluminum alloy, including ladder trays, which were part of the U5 Combitech system. 3-meter-long trays are available to DKC clients, and 6-meter-long trays are also available on request.

Benefits of the novelty:
· 3 times lighter weight than that of steel

Lighter weight of trays reduces logistics costs and simplifies the installation, as well as the use of supports with a lower load capacity;
· Highest corrosion resistance

Trays are additionally processed, anodized and are resistant to aggressive environments;
· High load-bearing capacity

The trays are 3 mm thick, which ensures a high load-bearing capacity. This allows them to be used for laying power cables over long distances;
· Adaptability

A wide range of accessories allows you to build cable routes of complex configurations and adapt them to any task.

These characteristics of aluminum significantly expand the possibilities of using cable support systems made of this metal. Trays in a new design can be used for laying cable routes at transport infrastructure facilities, in the maritime industry, food industry, in shipbuilding, and on floating platforms. In addition, aluminum production is the most environmentally friendly of all metals, and the material itself is recyclable.