Album of standard solutions. New Edition

The DKC company has released an updated album of standard solutions for the organization of lightning at industrial and civil construction sites. The solutions are developed on the basis of both equipment of our own production and products of the Lighting Technologies company.

The supplemented and revised edition of DKC-2019.LT contains an optimized Hercules busbar suspension system and solutions for attaching luminaires to the trays of S5 Combitech series.

The pages of the updated reference manual present updated information on the codes and names of the lightning fixtures and drawings of their fastening to the trays and lighting busbar.

Typical solutions presented in the album describe in details the suspension system of lighting equipment, which makes it easier for installers to assemble lighting routes.

You can download the updated album DKC-2019.LT and drawings for it on the DKC site in the "Typical Solutions" section.