The Internship at DKC has Come to an End

The DKC company is proud of the professional level of its employees. But any professional was once an aspiring specialist. The company is eager to select promising employees even at the stage of studying at the university, and then create a favorable environment for professional and career growth. That is why DKC has been organizing internships for university students for seven years as part of the work of DKC Corporate University.

For students, an internship is an opportunity to combine the acquired theoretical knowledge with real experience in solving practical problems that arise during the work of such a large international company as DKC. For the company it’s also an opportunity to discern young employees who, over time, can join the team of competent and experienced DKC specialists.

This year, the internship was carried from June 3 to August 9, 2019. Students of such reputable universities as MSTU, Bauman, MPEI, RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation received professional experience at DKC. Interns worked in such divisions of the company as:

- Department of Engineering Solutions;

- Department of Product Marketing;

- Department of Project Sales (IT);

- Personnel Department.

The guys underwent preliminary training and master classes for new employees, and then each had its own tasks related to the work of the department. The DKC company entrusted trainees with many tasks, including:

  • Working with marketing information (collection, analysis, preparation of reports);
  • Analysis of the electrical and IT-markets (assessment of the volume and market share, analysis of the competitive environment, price positioning, elaboration of the largest system integrators, development proposals, etc.);
  • Development of engineering solutions, technical calculations and consultations.
This year all participants of the internship program successfully completed their tasks, but most importantly, they were satisfied with the experience and practice. The DKC company hopes that an internship will be a good start for a prosperous career for everyone!