Updating the Edition "Solutions for Office"

DKC Company has released the updated edition of the "Solutions for Office" brochure

The new brochure represents complete solutions for the laying of cable support systems and workplace organization on the example of a typical office project. Based on the solutions stated in the brochure it is possible to organize new workplaces quickly and with minimum expense and to change a layout of premises without replacement of the entire present network.

The new brochure has undergone significant changes:

- the requirements specification was enlarged and completely updated, including the latest innovations: structured cable systems, halogen-free tubes, IT-enclosures, G-shaped tray, "Avanti" wiring accessories, etc.;

- the projects and specifications on energy supply, lighting, building of structured cable networks and lightning protective systems were separated in individual blocks;

- useful recommendations and mounting components for the installation of DKC electrical equipment on the selected place were added.

You can download the brochure and the drawings with projects in DWG format on the promo page solution.dkc.ru/os/.